Call for Quebec Immigration Increase due to Labour Shortages in Quebec City

Quebec Immigration Increase due to Labour Shortages - Akkam Overseas

The Mayor of Quebec City, Labeaume, addresses a labour shortage in Quebec City and hence has announced a need for an increase in Quebec immigration.

There are around 17,000 job vacancies and hence an urgent need to fill up these places in the Quebec City region.

Labeaume says, “This drastic lack of manpower can be a dangerous issue and can let down the economic future of Quebec”. It’s the time of action not for observations or studies for good intentions.

According to the recent statistics, Quebec City region is receiving only 6% of immigrants each year which should be at least 10%. If counted in numbers, then it should be 5,300 per year or an increase of over 2,000 at current levels.

Lebeaume says, the next government of Quebec also needs to improve the Quebec immigration system for an increase in processing time of visa applications and making the immigration process much easier.

Lebeaume also addressed the need for French-speaking immigrants as most of the people in Quebec City prefer French as their primary language. The two ways to get succeed in Quebec’s immigration is to get a job and speak the local language, Lebeaume’s statement to the journalists. Quebec City has jobs, so if you speak French, then it will a total success.

The leader of the ruling Liberal Party of Quebec, Philippe Couillard said, the recent changes by the government will help the province’s immigration system. They have provided tools for better distribution of new immigrants around the province.

Quebec City is the Capital of Quebec and one of the oldest most picturesque cities in Quebec. According to the new change made in the immigration system of Quebec. The immigration authorities can select immigration candidates who match the region’s labour market needs.

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