Job Seekers from India Preferring Canada Over US – Study Reports

Job seekers prefer jobs in Canada over the US - Indeed Reports - Akkam Overseas

Here is good news for the job seekers looking for a bright future and life in Canada. The number of job seekers from India keeps on increasing for work opportunities or jobs in Canada. The best part is that this number is increasing over the United States. The search for tech jobs is leading the way so far, as per the recent studies by Indeed.

The share of the searches of the jobs in Canada conducted from India rose from 6% t0 13% between the years 2016 August and 2018 July, as per Indeed. While the US shows a drop in job searches from India from 60% to 50% during the same period.

This narrowing of 17% points in job searches is the largest swing among all the countries we analyzed, Says Indeed.

The study conducts on job searches from 58 countries over the 2 years period. The focus was primarily on the job searches targeting Canada and the US.

Among the top 10 job searches from India, the report figures out Software developer, Java Developer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, and Web Developer. This rising interest for the jobs in Canada could prove a boon in the Tech Industry of Canada, the report says.

Here is the list of the top 10 most searched jobs in Canada.

Most Searched Jobs in Canada

Jobs in Canada: Top 10 List - Akkam Overseas

Canada’s booming Tech industry might be the primary reason for the rise in job searches for Canada. The tightening rules of the US Visa program H1B is also an added reason for the same.

Canada has improved the access to the temporary work visas for the eligible Skilled Workers through its Global Talent Stream and Global Skills Strategy programs.

Canada’s share of the job searches rose in the 41 out of 58 analyzed countries and dropped in other 17 countries.

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