Canada Scored 6th in Global Democracy Index out of 167 Countries

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Canada scored 10 out of 10 for the civil liberties. Canada ranks number 6 out of 167 countries in the latest Global democracy index in the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

The Democracy Index provides a snapshot of the democracy of the state in 167 countries on the basis of five categories: civil liberties, political culture, the functioning of government, electoral process and pluralism, and political participation.

Canada’s score has kept on same from 2017 at 9.15. Canada’s southern neighbor, the United States is ranked 25th and saw a drop from 7.98 to 7.96.

The Democracy Index titled Canada as the “Full Democracy” that’s the title Canada has achieved in one out of 20 countries. The US titled as “Flawed Democracy” as it was before. This is because of failing below the Full Democracy threshold in 2016.

Full Democracy respects the basic political freedoms and civil liberties and it tends to be underpinned by a political culture that’s conducive to the flourishing of democracy. An effective checks & balances system, a functioning government, an independent judiciary, and an independent media are also the hallmarks of a Full Democracy.

Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Denmark are the countries that ranked ahead of Canada on the Democracy Index from the first to the fifth place.

Canada earned full marks for civil liberties among the four countries. New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia are the other countries.

Canada is the one country that has scored and remained unchanged in the Democracy Index, wrote the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The EIU is the research and analysis wing of the Economist Group that publishes the Economist Magazine.

Canada earned 7.78 scores in the lowest category among its five categories.

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