The Future Improvements of Express Entry 2018-2020

Future Improvements of Express Entry - Akkam Overseas

Express entry is good enough to attract skilled candidates but every good thing needs an update or improvement. Patrick McEvenue, the Director of Express Entry said, Express Entry needs an evaluation in the near future to understand the impacts of the system along with its potential areas that need and improvement.

He also highlighted the areas of improvements like the overall transparency of the system, processing time of application with 6 or fewer months, links evolving between Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry.

Express Entry is going healthy, as per a new report on 24th May 2018, 83,000 candidates were there in Express Entry Pool. Candidates who are ranking above the cut-off score are invited by the Canadian government to apply for the draws held on every two weeks for Canadian permanent residency. Canada is now slated to welcome nearly one million people in the next three years through its Multi-Year Immigration plan. From 2018-2020, you can see an increase in the number of admission year over year for Canada’s economic immigration programs. Here is a graph of Canada’s economic immigration targets in 2016-2019.

Canada Economic Immigration Targets 2016-2019 - Akkam Overseas

Future Improvements of Express Entry & CRS

The change in the entire system can help different candidates succeed. This is going to influence the skill types targeted by CRS, the Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking system.

The changing evaluation will consider the groups succeeding under Express Entry currently and will also look for the way how the system will do better for the groups who are not getting the benefits from Express Entry, said McEvenue.

He added, the coming years will reflect the change in the role that the system will be required to play. With the growth of targets, IRCC is continuing to improve the system from the data it’s receiving.

The future needs to see where the increases targets will take the Express Entry and how the coming changes can benefit the candidates not getting success from the system.

Top 10 Countries that received the Express Entry Invitations in 2017

Countries Listed in Express Entry Invitations - Akkam Overseas

Here are the highlights of the report on Government of Canadian Economic Immigration System:

  • The candidates who are on lead are from India and China.
  • Information and Technology sectors were among the top three occupations invited last year.
  • Information Systems Analysis and Consultants, Interactive Media Developers, and Computer Programmers and Software Engineers were the top three occupations last year.
  • As per the report, Canada welcomed a total of 65,401 overseas applicants and their families to Canada as permanent residents through Express Entry System in 2017.
  • The top three destinations in 2017 that are on lead for welcoming permanent residents are again Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

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