What are the pathways to Get Canada PR 2019?

canada pr visa

There are many reasons why people apply for permanent residence in other countries than the people of the country. It is easy to get PR in some countries compared to others, especially for Indians.

Why apply for Permanent Residence?

Every day the world is going to be smaller, and Political boundaries no longer limit job opportunities. Many people prefer to work and study abroad. For this, need to apply for a work or student visa if you migrate abroad. This visa is valid for a particular time, and after that, it needs to be renewed. Renew visa is a complicated process, especially if you want to settle down in that country. In that case, it is the right decision to apply for PR (permanent residence). If a person having a PR visa in other countries can maintain their citizenship while being legal. Permanent residents do not have any right to apply for a government job, or position even can’t participate in the vote. But in some cases, a permanent residence can get tax benefits.

Getting PR in Canada is easy for Indians, and it is a safe and 2nd largest country in the world. But the question is which visa is right for applicants and gives the highest probability of getting Canada’s permanent residentship. So to apply for Canadian PR, several visa categories of prospective applicants choose from skill immigration programs such as Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Family Sponsorship Programs, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs.

So, to opt for the best immigration program to apply, applicants need to understand the Canadian immigration path and program fully. Akkam Overseas is a registered immigration consultancy with a team of experienced immigration experts works on Canada/Australia immigration program. So, the Akkam can be your best guider and assistance to apply for a visa in Canada. To get a support call the immigration expert on (91)998-981-0968 (Bangalore) or email your query at contact@akkam.in.

Check your Eligibility for Canada PR

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