Quebec Winter Carnival: World’s Largest Winter Celebration

Quebec Winter Carnival is the world’s biggest and the craziest winter carnival. It’s a family event and is celebrated every year to the fullest. It has been a magical winter part since 1955.

Quebec Winter Carnival is celebrated over 17 days in early February and late January. It includes big events like winter parades, Bonhomme Carnaval, concerts, Canoe race, different winter games, etc. schedules on three weekends.

Quebec winter carnival is a big opportunity for the visiting families in Canada to have a lot of fun at the celebration. They can explore the history of Quebec which is like a mini trip to Europe.

Come and experience the unique winter carnival, one of the largest winter carnival in Quebec City. Let’s get into the activities of this beautiful carnival.

Activities of Quebec Winter Carnival

Bonhomme’s Ice Palace and Royal Court

Bonhomme Ice Palace: Quebec Winter Carnival

Bonhomme Carnaval is the official ambassador of the winter carnival. You can find its image everywhere in the carnival. It symbolizes the fun spirit of this great winter celebration. An Ice Palace is built every here as the focal point of the carnival.

Ice Canoe Race

Ice Canoe Race: Quebec Winter Carnival - Akkam Overseas

It’s a competitive sport on the St. Lawrence River. Teams participate in multiple crossings on the fridged waters of the river as a part of the competition.

Night Parades

Night parades at Quebec Winter Carnival - Akkam Overseas

The Quebec winter carnival has offered night parades every time since several years in two specific locations. You can also enjoy day parades with giant inflatable characters. Families love parades and enjoy the snow-covered streets to admire all the colorful performances of the parade

Explore the Historic Quebec City

Explore the Historic Quebec City - Akkam Overseas

Visitors and families visiting Quebec during the winter carnival have an opportunity to explore the history of the Quebec City and the charming streets of the City. It’s like a mini-trip to Europe.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating at Quebec Winter Carnival - Akkam Overseas

Outdoor Ice Skating is one of the most exciting sports in Quebec. It took place on D’Youville, a 10 minutes walking distance from the main carnival.

Amazing Carved Snow and Ice Sculptures

Snow and Ice Sculptures: Quebec Winter Carnival - Akkam Overseas

The Quebec winter carnival showcases the most beautiful carved snow sculptures to the visitors. Sculptors are hard at their work of creating sculptures at opening weekends. You can enjoy a parade line of snow sculptures and ice sculptures into the fairgrounds.

So come and enjoy the Quebec winter carnival at the fullest.

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