Canadian Bureau for International Education survey of 2018 [Infographic]

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Students around the world prefer Canada among their top favoured destinations to study abroad. There are various reasons for International education choice. Canada is one of the best places to pursue higher studies because of its world-class education system. Campus lifestyle, employment opportunities, beautiful nature, perfect research place for scientists, weather, values and cultures, multilingual society, care and safety, and immigration facilities, are among those reasons which attract students around the corners of the world to come to study, live, and work in Canada. Socio-cultural and economic factors of Canada drive international students and motivates them to work and live in Canada after graduation.

International students have high motivations to apply for work and Canada permanent residency after their graduation. Here is what “Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) survey of international students currently pursuing their education in post-secondary institutions of Canada,” and “Survey of the World Education Services of international students coming to Canada” reports results.

50% of the international students want to work and apply for Canada PR after their graduation. A large percentage of the survey of international students wants to work after their graduation in Canada only and 50% chances are there for applying for permanent residency. More students from less affluent countries around the world come and stay in Canada due to better employment opportunities and prospects in Canada.

“International student’s intentions to work and apply for Canada PR contributes to the Canadian economy,” the report says. The Canadian government referred international students as their ideal candidates for Canadian immigration due to the proficiency they have one of the Canadian official languages.

According to ‘International Education Strategy of 2014,’ the Canadian government announced its intentions to coordinate with territory and provincial government, Canadian stakeholders, and educational institutions, to increase the numbers of international students from 239,131 to 450,000 in between 2011-2022.

According to IRCC, Canada surpassed their 2022 targets at the year-end of 2017. As per the report, the international students including their friends, and families contributed $12.8 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2016. There is a 20% increase in jobs from 2016 to 2016 due to the annual spendings of international students.

The federal government is looking continuously for the ways to enhance the opportunities of current international students and prospects in Canada.

Here is an infographic of the Canadian Bureau for International Education survey of 2018.

Infographic – Canadian Bureau for International Education survey of 2018

Canadian Bureau for International Education Survey 2018 - Akkam Overseas

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