Why Canada has the highest Indian Immigrants?

There are many success stories of our famous Indian faces living in Canada with good post and life. Nav Bhatia, Super Sikh, the most famous Indian face in Canada’s NBA circuit. Ajay Agarwal is known popularly as a Toronto professor in the Machine Learning field. Praveen Rao has returned to New Delhi to start his own business after living in Canada for 11 years. With many other such examples, we Indians are making historic highlights from several years and will continue doing it for sure. For these reasons, Citizenship and Canada immigration (CIC) is helping Indian Immigrants to visit, study, and migrate to Canada. So why Canada has the highest number of Indian immigrants? The article is all about getting the answer for the “why” here. So let’s begin with it.

Whether it’s the reason for a job, study, or permanent settlement, Canada is becoming effectively popular among Indian Immigrants. According to Census released by Statistics Canada in 2016, almost an eighth of immigrants settled in Canada in between 2011-2016 were from India.

India is marvellous from an economic standpoint in the 21st century. India was part of British Empire in 1971 but now every other nation like the US, the UK, Canada, and the rest of the west is in the pace of how they can keep up with the occurrence of a huge manufacturing boom in India. Today India focuses on Immigration and emigration because of the radical transformation here in this century. This force has led many Indians to move out to other countries for settling up their life or business. Now let’s look why Indians choose Canada when it’s about immigration.

Why Indian Immigrants Choose Canada?

You must be aware of the term “Indo-Canadian” which the government of Canada has named to the Indian groups out there. The Indo-Canadian tag is the live example of the rate at which India immigrates to Canada and their population. India is diverse in cultures and Canada is home to different Indian cultures. So you have a good reason to move to Canada where you can get Indian nationals who fits your cultures and religious background. The major cities like Toronto and Vancouver have more than half of all immigrants including recent Indians. Here is a bit about Indian’s life out there in Toronto and Vancouver.

Toronto, Canada is one of the best immigrant-friendly city in North-America. More than half of the Indian population resides there. You will definitely find an Indian community waiting out there for you. Toronto has some of the best Indian Structures like the nation’s largest Hindu Temple called the “BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir” and Canada’s largest Sikh Gurdwara called the “Ontario Khalsa Darbar.”

Toronto, Canada - Akkam Overseas

Vancouver is ranked recently as the best city to live in North America. It is the homeland to a large number of Punjabi and Sikh people and. They welcome even Hindus in Vancouver to Festivals, Temples, and any Celebrations out there. British Columbia, Canada presents Indian Heritage and culture. Punjabis are the majority ethnic groups here and Sikhism is the majority religion here. “InterNations” is a place in Vancouver where Indian experts exchange their experiences and tips to support each other.

Vancouver, Canada - Akkam Overseas

India is the second largest source nation among the top three nations sending immigrants to Canada. Indians provide a statistical portrait of immigration and diversity of Canada.

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