Canada’s Express Entry System and Criminal Inadmissibility

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You will have an excellent chance of getting the Invitation to apply through Express Entry, if you are well educated, young, proficient in English or French, and have enough skilled work experience. But if you are determined to be criminally inadmissible to Canada, then even if you are a qualified express entry candidate, your dreams of getting into Canada will be dashed. You can take necessary actions to remedy your criminal inadmissibility to Canada.

Resolution of Criminal Inadmissibility: Criminal Rehabilitation

Submitting an application for PR will require police certificates for the country where the individual and if applicable his/her family loved for 6 consecutive months within the last 10 years since 18 years of age.

If anyone has a criminal record in police certificates, then appropriated steps are needed to be taken for criminal rehabilitation (the process for resolving inadmissibility permanently.)

Eligibility Criteria for Criminal Rehabilitation

At least five years must have elapsed from the date on which the sentence (incarceration, probation, fines, or any combination of these and other possible sentencing measures) for your offence was completed.

When to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation

You must submit the application of rehabilitation either before or at the same of the application to PR. Both the rehabilitation and the PR application will be processed simultaneously.

When your Partner or Spouse is Criminally Inadmissible

If one partner is found criminally inadmissible, then the other one is also deemed to be so as well for the purpose of Canadian PR. When applying for Canadian PR through Express Entry, only one application is submitted. So if one of them acquired PR, then both of them will acquire it. You can choose the partner with the most points under CRS as your advantage for better chances of getting PR.

The only solution is to apply for the criminal rehabilitation for both the primary and secondary applicant.

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