Canada PR or H1B Visa for the US? Which one to Choose?

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Canada or US? Which one is the best and right place to move to? Almost every immigrant out there need an answer to this question. The United States has been the choice of any immigrant who is seeking a successful career and wonderful life. But things have been changed now. Since two decades the US has been gone under various changes. Now Canada is preferred as the destination country for immigrants. Obtaining Canada PR is what all want. Know why the US is not anymore the favoured destination.

Canada PR or H1B Visa?

The immigration policy has been changed in the US now. H1B visa for the US is still very popular but an immigrant has to make choice before choosing H1B visa now. H1B is not the permanent visa for the US. An immigrant can work in the US under this visa but his/her status will no longer be as a permanent resident or a long-term visitor. An immigrant has to go through a very difficult process and journey to be a permanent resident of the US. It takes many years too to become the Green Card holder of the US.

On the other side, Canada has eased their immigration process and policies. An immigrant can apply for Canada PR through its express entry and other immigration programs. Once selected by a program, an applicant will be eligible for Canada PR Visa. Once the visa is approved, an applicant can apply for Canada’s citizenship after spending 3-4 years in Canada.

Drawbacks of H1B Visa for the US

Things are different in the US. To become a citizen of the US, an immigrant has to spend a long time as compared to Canada.

A spouse even if experienced have to take a break until the Green Card is filed and 140 is obtained. So spouse has to give a space to their careers until green card. On top of that, all expenses whether it’s the education of their child or medical expenses have to be bared by the H1B Visa holders.

Acceptance Factor

Acceptance factor is the other reason to choose when deciding on a mode either to Canada or the US. There is a presence of negative wave against the immigrants in the US in leadership and among a group of local people there. This very reason is strong enough to make a better choice for a move. On other hands, Canada’s people and government welcome all immigrants warmly.

Canada PR is a Better Choice

Canada PR is a better choice for major benefits that Canada provides to the immigrants. It offers benefits to both the primary applicant and spouse to work and earn Canadian dollars. They can even switch their employers without depending on any consulting firm. The government of Canada offers many social benefits to the primary applicant and this/her family.  An immigrant can get a success in obtaining the Canada PR with minimal investments and fast processing.

The final choice is up to you. Weather Canada or the US. A destination country should be like your dream country which welcome and accept you warm-heartedly. So think before you make your choice.

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