5 Easy Ways You Can Get Canada PR Visa in 2019

5 Easy Ways You Can Get Canada PR Visa in 2019

Immigration to different country always holds many opportunities, and when it is Canada, the candidate end up having many aspirations and dreams. For the past several years, the maple leaf country remains to be the ideal destination for many new immigrants.

Although Canadian government welcomes immigrants, if you plan to move to Canada based on a skilled permanent visa, you should have a brilliant academic background, excellent work experience, and good proficiency in French or English language. Point-based immigration system of Canada evaluates your profile based on several factors which provides immigration points. Applicants who get high immigration points score will receive the invitation to apply for PR from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Get ready with Immigration file

You should gather all necessary documents to apply and get ready with your immigration file to apply for Canada PR. The primary documents you need are IELTS Test result for English language proficiency and Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

Register your profile in the online system

Express Entry System is the easy point-based immigration system of Canada which was launched by IRCC in the year 2015. All you got to do is register your profile and provide details like language skills, work experience, education and age to get the point score for these factors. In the first stage, you require a minimum of 67 points out of 100 under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category to be eligible as express entry applicant.

Get an Invitation to Apply for PR

The IRCC conducts a draw occasionally to choose the candidates with high CRS Score and issues them Invitation to apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency visa within a span of 60 days.

Submit Your Application for PR

After the receipt of the Invitation to apply (ITA), you have to submit an application for permanent residency along with necessary documents but make sure the application need to be genuine with valid documents.

Acquire Visa approval

The Immigration office verifies your application and submits documents. You might be invited for an interview. You will be asked to provide the medical certificate and PCC during the application process. To make sure your application is processed within the timeframe, you have to be alert during the application process. Respond to every query asked by the immigration office and submit any extra documentation needed.

How can a registered Consultant make the process easy for you?

If you seek help from a trusted and genuine Canada immigration Consultant, these five steps will be easier for you. The immigration process involves complicated immigration rules and visa guidelines which will baffle the applicants and make the process cumbersome. Akkam Overseas is genuine and registered Visa Consultancy firm in India which makes the Canadian PR process absolutely hassle-free for every applicant.

If you desire to begin your Canadian PR process with Akkam Overseas, you can drop a mail at contact@akkam.in If you want to get your eligibility checked, you can get it done with free Canada Immigration Eligibility Checker provided by Akkam Overseas.

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